Academic Offer

Five-year Master in Law

The Link identifier #identifier__193345-1five-year Master’s Degree Course in Law (LMG/01) trains graduates for the legal professions, the judiciary, public administrations, European and international institutions and any other activity requiring a broad spectrum of legal competence. The academic offering of the department is characterized, in particular, by:

  • A focus on internationalization, with numerous Link identifier #identifier__6076-2courses in foreign languages, also through the university’s Link identifier #identifier__7363-3Studying Law at Roma Tre initiative, the promotion of student exchanges with universities in other countries, through the Link identifier #identifier__80899-4Erasmus Programme and other Link identifier #identifier__33619-5exchange programmes, and the presence of Link identifier #identifier__130264-6visiting professor and fellows from both European and non-European countries;
  • A wide range of optional academic courses and projects to complement core teachings;
  • An emphasis on learning by doing, substantiated in numerous Link identifier #identifier__25463-7legal clinics, procedural simulations and courses on the drafting of acts and opinions.

The department also prides itself on offering students two excellence streams within the five-year Master in Law degree course:

  • Link identifier #identifier__21772-8Global Legal Studies – a bilingual Italian and English programme integrating Italian excellence in legal education with a modern, multicultural and multilingual approach. The programme, reserved for just 150 students, aims to train jurists to work in international contexts, such as international law firms, European and international organizations, NGOs, multinational companies, and so on.
  • Link identifier #identifier__136960-9Law and Finance – a programme allowing law students to obtain a second Master’s degree in Finance and Business.

Three-year Bachelor in Legal Services Sciences

The Link identifier #identifier__166971-10three-year Bachelor in Legal Services Sciences stands alongside the Master in Law with the aim of training graduates for professional activities in public and private legal and administrative fields, such as in public and local administrations, companies, the third sector, NGOs and regional and international organizations.

In terms of the educational offering, students of the three-year course, in addition to core courses, can choose from a wide and articulated range of optional courses, Link identifier #identifier__133767-11foreign language courses, Link identifier #identifier__162471-12academic projects and Link identifier #identifier__79365-13legal clinics active in the department, in addition to ad hoc courses specifically created for students of the course.

Labor consultants – a programme activated in academic year 2020-2021 in the framework of the three-year Bachelor in Legal Services Sciences with the aim of training future labor consultants, an occupational image that will be developed and enhanced in many professional sectors.

Such programme provides a theoretical and practical preparation, with a specialist and interdisciplinary approach, which is necessary to address the challenges posed by an ever more complex and intricate labor market.

The objective of the programme is to face and solve the specific issues of the employment relationship, from the establishment until its termination, with a specific focus on the organizational and fiscal aspects of the enterprise. Such programme provides the regulatory and administrative instruments to optimize the use of human resources and manage taxation, tax concessions and business’ crisis resolutions.

Special emphasis will be placed on the (substantive and procedural) right to work, on the right to social security and on union rights in order to solve the increasingly complex problems of the labor market.

Prof. Gianpaolo Fontana

Three-year Bachelor in Territorial and IT Security Legal Services

The new three-year Bachelor in Territorial and IT Security Legal Services has been active since the academic year 2019-2020 with the aim of providing a more specific preparation on the issues relating to the territorial and IT security.

The academic offering includes several specific courses on cybersecurity, IT criminal investigations and the protection of personal data in relation to the socio-economic and technological issues caused by the social networks, cloud computing, internet of things, etc.

With a multidisciplinary approach determined by the composite dimension of the security, the course aims at training highly specialized professionals in particular fields of activities more traditionally related to security (police, international organizations, private and public subjects operating in the field of humanitarian law and migratory phenomena, prison administrations) but also to those emerging jobs related to the IT security requirements.

Prof.ssa Giovanna Pistorio

Post-graduate Courses

In addition to the courses of the renowned School of Specialization for the Legal Professions, the department offers a wide range of post-graduate programmes, including post-graduate Link identifier #identifier__127609-14Masters in:

Additional courses offered include:

Research Doctorate

The department offers two doctoral courses:

  • Link identifier #identifier__99542-25Doctorate in Legal Disciplines, active from the academic year 2019-2020, representing a continuation of the scientific and educational initiatives of the Tullio Ascarelli International Doctoral School. The Doctorate in Legal Disciplines is divided into three curricula: Private Disciplines and European Private Law; Advertising Disciplines; Historical, Philosophical, International, Supranational and Comparative Legal Disciplines.
  • Link identifier #identifier__56826-26Doctoral Course in “Law & Social Change: The Challenges of Transnational Regulation”, administered in agreement with five foreign founding partner universities: University College Dublin, the University of Luxembourg, Vilnius University, Lumière University Lyon 2, and Birkbeck University of London.

Course Regulation

  • Link identifier #identifier__116352-27Course Regulation
    • Corrigendum: in Article 38, on page 62, of the Course Regulation for the Academic Year 2014-2015, the preparatory courses for Criminal Procedural Law should be exclusively in Constitutional Law and Criminal Law.
    • Corrigendum: on pages 12 and 16 of the Course Regulation for the Academic Year 2017-2018, the course in Applicative Legal Information Technology and Logic administered by Prof. M. Converso should be classified as SSD INF/01 rather than SSD IUS/20.
    • Corrigendum: on page 21 of the Course Regulation for the Academic Year 2018-2019, the course in Applicative Legal Information Technology and Logic administered by Prof. M. Converso should be classified as SSD INF/01 rather than SSD IUS/20.


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