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Certificate in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration

Logo CertificateThe “Certificate in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration – Theory and Practice” is a special programme aimed at providing both theoretical and practical training in international commercial and investment arbitration.

The certificate, now in its sixth year, is co-organized by Roma Tre’s Department of Law, the International Chamber of Commerce of Paris, the Chamber of Arbitration of Milan, and the Italian Association for Arbitration, and is directed by Professors Giacomo Rojas Elgueta and Maria Beatrice Deli, and by Domenico Di Pietro, Esq.

The course, entirely in English, is based on frontal lectures and practical round tables chaired by professionals, lawyers and some of the most venerated in-house counsel in the international arbitration sector.

Immagine evento CertificateThe programme, which is divided into 5 days, each dedicated to particular themes of international arbitration, is open to students, lawyers and non-lawyers having an interest in consolidating knowledge in the subject. In addition to its academic side, the course also offers stimulating networking activities.

The fifth edition of the certificate course had 36 participants from 5 continents and 13 different countries.

Website: Link identifier #identifier__21890-1Certificate in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration

Moot Court Competitions

Logo Moot Court CompetitionsFor several years now, the Department of Law has encouraged teams of its students to participate in international moot court competitions on public international law, international criminal law and international arbitration. The competitions, which take place entirely in English, are based on a particularly complex, fictitious legal case, and typically feature two phases: one in which students prepare written defensive pleadings, and one which simulates court hearings.

The various departmental teams have achieved remarkable results over the years, making Roma Tre a national centre of excellence in the field of procedural simulations.

Currently, the Department promotes the participation of its students in the following competitions:

  • Immagine evento Moot Court CompetitionsPhilip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition (Link identifier #identifier__3437-2Jessup) – the world’s largest and most prestigious public international law competition, which sees the participation of over 700 universities from around 120 countries every year, and has a final phase which takes place in Washington DC, simulating a dispute between states before the International Court of Justice. Participation in the competition is promoted as part of the Advanced International Law for Moot Court Competitions (7 CFU) course;
  • Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court (Link identifier #identifier__75625-3VIS Moot) – the world’s leading international commercial arbitration procedural simulation, whose oral phase sees the annual participation of over 350 universities from all over the world in Vienna. Participation in the competition is promoted as part of the International Arbitration (7 CFU) course.


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