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As of Spring Semester, 2010, the Law Faculty of Roma Tre University has established a semester study abroad exchange with Link identifier #identifier__112635-1University of Washington Link identifier #identifier__148590-2School of Law in Seattle, Washington.
The University of Washington School of Law aspires to be the best public law school in the nation and one of the world’s most respected centers for interdisciplinary legal studies.  Founded in 1899 in just two rooms and only 34 students, including Japanese student, and three women; its first graduating class in 1901 had just a dozen laureates. The Law School has been kept intentionally small, selecting fewer than 200 entering students from some 2500 applicants a year.  Innovative, student-focused learning environment prepares students to become leaders for the global common good.  With a strong foundation in legal theory, students gain the skills necessary for success in the changing legal profession and an awareness of their ethical and public service responsibilities.


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Semester Abroad at Cardozo Law School and at the University of Washington

Info-Session on Study Abroad in the USA: Dual Degree at Nova Southeastern University Law School (NSU), and semester and quarter abroad at NSU, Un. Washington and Cardozo Law School. Held 21 Oct. 2022

Michele Sancioni 28 November 2023