Street Law Legal Clinic

Street Law Legale ClinicBrief description

Students will acquire specific knowledge and competences regarding themes relative to the Rule of Law, subsidiarity and the protection of common goods, deeply analyzing the legal aspects that constitute them, in a comparative and international perspective. After a brief synthesis of the history of Street Law – first introduced at Georgetown Law School in 1972, and now taught across the USA and in 40 nations around the world – the concepts of the Rule of Law and subsidiarity and the various norms that regulate citizens and the institutions will be examined. Students will then be provided with the conceptual and practical tools needed to transmit these principles – by teaching civic education to high school students – to promote the transfer of them into actions aimed at caring for common goods.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, the students will be able to:

  • Describe the main theoretical and normative frameworks that constitute the principles of the rule of law and of subsidiarity, in a comparative and international perspective, with particular reference to the Italian and US contexts.
  • Plan and organize training initiatives aimed at transmitting this knowledge to high school students.
  • Promote, through the application of the acquired knowledge and skills, the implementation of events aimed at taking care of common goods.
  • Interact with the public administration in order to manage and improve the territory (or common goods)
  • Diffuse the principles of actions of horizontal subsidiarity.
Syllabus Link identifier #identifier__66158-1Syllabus Street Law
Instructor Rebecca Spitzmiller
PAOLO NICOLAI 13 July 2021