The curriculum in Law and New Technologies is designed in cooperation with experts of IT and telecommunications engineering to provide students with a strong theoretical and practical background to respond to changing social demands. This holds particularly but is not limited to demands for new professionals for the national and the international labour markets beyond traditional litigation-based professions and environments, such as consultants and researchers in the private and public sectors (top level law firms, European and international organizations, NGOs, multinational corporations, etc.).
The curriculum design also reflects changes in the legal paradigm, paying special attention to the transnational dimension of normativity and the multilingual character of contemporary legal systems – in particular but not limited to the EU. At the completion of the two-year study program, students will be able to benefit from substantial legal knowledge in major jurisdictions via a comparative perspective, conduct research on a wide range of technology-related legal problems, and provide policy-relevant solutions to such problems.

Michele Sancioni 21 June 2023