International Law (GLS)

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Prof. Mirko Sossai

Language: English


Fall semester 2023/2024

This course is an introduction to the general issues of public international law. It covers: the origins and the foundations of the international community; the subjects of international law: States, international organizations and individuals (including the issue of immunities); sources of international law: customs, the law of treaties, general principles of law; the relationship between international and domestic law; state responsibility for internationally wrongful acts; peaceful settlement of disputes (including the role of the International Court of Justice); principles governing the use of force in international relations (including the UN collective security system and the role of regional organizations).
A seminar series will focus on timely topics in the field of public international law, including the protection of human rights and the environment.
At the end of this course, students should be proficient in the following subject areas and skills: being able to identify the international legal implications of current world events; having knowledge of the sources of international law as well as of the facts and legal reasonings of relevant international judgements; carrying out proper analysis on selected issues in public international law.

Short Bio

Mirko Sossai (PhD Siena) is Associate Professor of international law at the Law Department of the Roma Tre University, where he has taught international human rights law and law of international organisations. He is co-rapporteur of the study group of the International Law Association (ILA) on UN sanctions and international law.
He is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Conflict and Security Law.
He has published a book on the prevention of terrorism in international law and edited with Christine Bakker the volume ‘Multilevel Regulation of Military and Security Contractors: the Interplay between International, European, and Domestic Norms’ (Hart Publishing, 2012).
He presented papers at international conferences in Italy, Europe (Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Helsinki, Leiden, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield, The Hague, Tirana, among others) and in the US (Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy), as well as at the meetings of the Italian, European and American Societies of international law. His research interests include the practice of sanctions in international law, the role of non-state actors during armed conflicts; non-proliferation and disarmament law; the history of international law.


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