Advanced Administrative Law (GLS)

Prof. Napolitano

Prof. Giulio Napolitano

Language: English


Spring semester 2022/2023

The Course analyzes the general principles of administrative law and their most relevant applications in the Italian, European and global legal orders. On the one side, the Course offers a conceptual framework to better understand the role of government and the different regulatory techniques existing in the Italian and in other jurisdictions, at national and supranational level. On the other side, the Course prepares future public servants, judges, lawyers and consultants to discuss in a critical way some of the most sensitive administrative law issues in the everyday life of citizens, enterprises and institutions. The Course is divided into the following five sections:
I. General overview of the Italian and the other most important systems of administrative law. II. The role of government, public powers and individual rights.
III. Delegation, expertise and contracting out.
IV. Means of administrative action. Cost-benefit analysis, administrative procedures and transparency.
V. Judicial review and administrative litigation. The Course consists of lectures and case law discussions, meant to encourage active students’ participation. Each case will be examined in the context of its specific jurisdiction and through comparative overview. Students’ evaluation will be based on class work, oral presentations and comments, and a final paper. Academic papers, cases and materials will be made available in class and on the website.

Short Bio

Giulio Napolitano (Rome, 12 July 1969) is full professor of administrative law in the Department of Law of the Roma Tre University, where he teaches Administrative Law I and Comparative Administrative Law (English language class).
He is member of the Governing Council of the International Society of Public Law and of the Board of Editors of the European Review of Public Law. He taught Comparative Administrative Law at the Radzyner Law School of the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya, Israel (2016), and at the Faculty of Law of the University of Heidelberg, Germany (2017), and Comparative Public Law at the Global Law School of the Faculty of Law of the Portuguese Catholic University (2018).
He has published several books and over two hundred articles in Italian and international law journals on general theory of administrative law, global, European and comparative administrative law, competition and market regulation law, sports law.

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