Roman Law (GLS)

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Prof. Vincenzo Mannino

Language: English


Fall semester 2022/2023

The course of Roman law has monographic approaches and it is directed to explore the techniques of legal reasoning developed by Roman jurisprudence and their contribution in the construction of modern legal science. To this end, the course is divided into two modules, one general and one monographic. The general module focuses on the study of the sources of Roman law, from the ancient period to the compilation of Justinian, in their dual role as sources of knowledge and sources of law. The attention will be particularly focused on the role of Roman jurisprudence, as a driver of productive law and a filter between the sources of law and practice. There will be specific insights on the methodology of interpretation of ‘creative jurisprudence’ with the analysis of the method by studying the texts of the Roman literature. The special module will focus on of one or more ‘ institutions ‘ or ‘ problem areas ‘, through the analysis of case solutions proposed by the jurisprudence.

Short Bio

Vincenzo Mannino graduated from Sapienza University of Rome and he is currently Full Professor of Roman Law at Roma Tre University Department of Law (, where he has also taught Civil Law.
He taught Roman Law and History of political doctrines at the University of Cagliari, the State Police Academy, the Libera Università degli Studi Sociali – Guido Carli (LUISS), Paris 5 – René Descartes and Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne.
He is President of the VII Film Review Commission at the Ministry of Culture. Throughout his career he has held several academic positions such as: Director of the Department of Economic Law and member of the Academic Senate at Roma Tre University, member of the steering comittee at the Centro di Eccellenza in Diritto Europeo – Giovanni Pugliese, and at the Consorzio Italo-Argentino Cuia. He was responsible and coordinator for several national and european research programs.
During his tenure he has spent periods of time also as a visiting professor teaching and researching, at Köln University, Paris-Sorbonne (Hautes Etudes), Georgia – Athens School of Law – Dean Rusk Center for International and Comparative Law, Fordham-New York, Paris 8 – Vincennes, Poitiers, Montpellier, Paris 5 – René Descartes. He has given courses, seminars and conferences in several Italian and foreign universities.
Professor Mannino has written several books, articles and reviews, both in roman law and civil law. His research has focused mainly on the organization of political power, contracts and real property, and consumer protection.
From 2013 to 2017 he was Vice-Rector for International Relations at Roma Tre University. From the 30th November 2017 he is Vice-Rector to University networks.

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