Canon Law (GLS)

Insegnamento Canon Law (GLS)

Prof. Costantino Matteo Fabris

Language: English


Fall semester 2021/2022

The course in an introduction to the general issues of Canon Law. It covers: the bases of Canon Law; the nature and the structure of the Code of Canon Law and the differences between latin and eastern codification; the general norms; the structure of the People of God; the Supreme authority of the Church and the structure of the Church’s organization; the teaching function of the Church; the sacraments with particoular attention to the marriage and the processes to declare the nullity; the canonical penal system. The aim of the course is the understanding of the main characteristics about the Curch and her juridical system.

Short Bio

Costantino-Matteo Fabris (Venice, 16 december 1979) is research in Canon and Ecclesiastical law in the Department of Law of the Roma Tre University, where he teaches Canonical Jurisprudence and Canon Law (English language class). Studied Law at the University of Parma. He earned his Phd in Law at University of Padova. He also earned License and Phd in Canon Law at the Faculty of Canon Law “S. Pio X” of Venice in wich he is actually Visiting Professor. He participated to Leonardo da Vinci programme (I/05/A/PL-154422-SU) in University of Navarra (Pamplona-Spain). He has been tutor and expert of Canon Law and Canon Law History in the Faculty of Law of the University of Bologna. He is editorial secretary of the review Ephemerides Iuris Canonici, member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Law and Society and ordinary member of Consociatio Internationalis Studio Iuris Canonici Promovendo. He has published two monographs on internal forum and legal personality and many articles in italian and international law journals.

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