Advanced Legal Philosophy (GLS)

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Prof.ssa Enrica Rigo

Language: English


Fall semester 2021/2022

The purpose of the course is to provide an overview of the main theoretical issues that are central to contemporary debates in legal theory. Consistent with the focus of the Global Legal Studies Programme, particular attention will be dedicated to key issues regarding the regional integration of legal systems, transnationalism and legal globalization, as well as struggles for inclusion and participation.
The first part of the course is designed to provide students with the theoretical instruments necessary to confront contemporary debates. The following concepts will be addressed from the perspective of legal theory: jurisdiction and territoriality; boundaries and legal space; citizenship, identity, legal subjectivity; recognition, representation and distribution.
The second part of the course will be organised thematically around specific topics including migration and border studies, postcolonial theory, gender studies and intersectionality, feminist and queer theory, law and economic theory. During the course, the students will be encouraged to attend seminars organised with guest speakers.

Short Bio

Enrica Rigo is Associate Professor at University of Roma Tre where she holds the chair in Philosophy of Law and coordinates a legal clinic programme on migration and asylum. She earned her PhD in “Philosophy of Law, Social and Political Theory” at University of Naples and was formerly Jean Monnet Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence. Her research interests include critical legal theory, theories of citizenship, gender and border studies. She is the author of numerous articles on migration, borders and asylum in gender perspective published in Italian and international journals. Among other publications, she is the author of a monograph on European citizenship (Europa di Confine. Trasformazioni della cittadinanza nell’Unione allargata, Meltemi, Roma, 2007) and the editor of a collected book on work exploitation in the agricultural field (Leggi, migranti e caporali. Prospettive critiche e di ricerca sullo sfruttamento del lavoro in agricoltura, Pacini, Pisa 2015) Enrica Rigo is the founder and coordinator of the Legal Clinic on Migration and Citizenship of the University of Roma Tre, which was one of the first clinical programmes in Italy. This clinic combines experimental learning, research and public engagement. Thanks to its public engagement, the Clinic has received considerable coverage Link identifier #identifier__17175-2in the print media  and on Link identifier #identifier__174933-3Italian national television .

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