Roman Law (GLS)

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Prof. Tommaso Dalla Massara

Language: English


Fall semester 2022/2023

The Roman Law course will be carried out through the analysis and discussion of specific cases.
In particular, problems arising from each case will be treated in a diachronic comparative perspective, making comparisons between the approach adopted by Roman jurists and the contemporary legal regime, with specific regard to the Italian and other European legal systems.
The first part of the course will be focused to an in-depth study of the casuistic method, in relation with the analysis of the role of the “regula iuris” held in the Roman jurisprudence, which followed the development of the Roman legal system up to the post-classical period. With specific regard to the evolution of the sources of Roman law, the study will take a close look at the main stages of history of jurisprudence.
The second part of the course will be offered through seminar meetings, often in open dialogue with Italian and foreign guest lecturers.
Liability will be the main focus of this part of the course: what does liability mean? How did the idea arise in the thinking of Roman jurists? What legacy has the roman reflection upon liability left for today’s European private law?
In order to gain proper understanding of the mechanisms that used to lead to the outcome of a “condemnatio”, the issue of liability in Roman civil proceedings will be addressed form both a contractual and a non-contractual point of view: respectively when the subject failed to fulfil an obligation and in case of torts. Particular attention will be paid to the procedural profile.

Short Bio

Tommaso dalla Massara is full Professor of Roman Law at Roma Tre University since 2021.
He graduated from the University of Padua in a.a. 1996-1997, where he obtained his PhD in 2002 and where he was appointed as researcher (IUS-18).
Prof. dalla Massara spent extensive periods of research abroad, where he held positions in leading international universities and research centres. Among others, he has been ‘Mitarbeiter’ at the Max Planck Institute both in Frankfurt and Hamburg, and at the Leopold Wenger Institut of the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich. He has been also visiting at the Universities of New York, Berlin-Humboldt, Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, Salzburg and Buenos Aires.
Since 2006 at the University of Verona, appointed full Professor in 2014, Prof. dalla Massara has always been actively involved in the co-ordination of the PhD programme, as evidenced by the numerous assignments he has received, such as Coordinator of the PhD School ‘Diritto privato europeo dei rapporti patrimoniali civili e commerciali’ from 2011 to 2017 and Coordinator of the international PhD in ‘Contract Law and Business Law in a European Perspective’, from 2013 to 2016.
Furthermore, he has always been strong supporter of the link between academia and the career market: inter alia, since 2015 he has been Scientific Director of ‘Univerò’, festival organized by the University of Verona dedicated to the world of work and professions; in 2014, he received the task to reform the University of Verona’s offer of masters; in the same University, from 2017 to 2019, he was Presidente del Collegio di Giurisprudenza, implementing the reform of the Master degree; and since 2017 he is member of the ‘Bocconi Stakeholders Table’.
Member of several Scientific Societies (among others, SISD, Società Italiana di Storia del Diritto; Associazione Civilisti Italiani; SISDIC, Società Italiana degli Studiosi di Diritto Civile; ISEB, Istituto Emilio Betti), Prof. dalla Massara is component of the Scientific Committee of many national and international legal journals, Scientific Director of the ‘Bebelplatz’ Collection for Pacini Editore and Scientific Director of the ‘Atlante della cultura giuridica europea’ Collection, edited by Il Mulino.
From 2022 he is co-director of the legal journal ‘Storia Metodo Cultura’, published by ESI.

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