International Opportunities

Immagine sala studio Dipartimento di GiurisprudenzaIs one of the distinguishing features of the Department of Law. In addition to its Link identifier #identifier__121242-1Global Legal Studies programme and courses in various European languages, also as part of the Link identifier #identifier__151324-2Studying Law at Roma Tre initiative, the department offers students numerous study-abroad opportunities, with both Link identifier #identifier__183483-3European and Link identifier #identifier__106772-4non-European destinations, and various Link identifier #identifier__163980-5dual and joint degrees. The department also promotes various other Link identifier #identifier__130418-6international academic projects and activities, and encourages the presence of foreign Link identifier #identifier__9021-7visiting professors and Link identifier #identifier__97426-8visiting fellows.

PAOLO NICOLAI 30 November 2020