What – Two in one

The new Global Legal Studies track offers:

  • traditional Law Degree (Laurea in Giurisprudenza), including all the skills required for legal professions in Italy
  • international curriculum made of 17 courses entirely taught in English (around 130 credits): 13 of them are mandatory courses, and 4 are left to the free choice of the students
I Istituzioni di diritto pubblico 10 Link identifier #identifier__57243-1Comparative Legal Systems (GLS) 9
Storia del diritto privato romano 10 Link identifier #identifier__145248-2Istituzioni di diritto privato I (GLS) 10
Filosofia del diritto 8 Economia politica 10
II Diritto Costituzionale 9 European union law (GLS) 9
Link identifier #identifier__33670-3European Private Law (GLS) 9 Diritto del lavoro 12
Link identifier #identifier__117096-4Legal History (GLS) 10 Link identifier #identifier__27669-5Public Economics (GLS) 7
Link identifier #identifier__168677-6Advanced Legal Philosophy (GLS) 7
III Diritto penale 10 Link identifier #identifier__10427-7Diritto processuale civile I (GLS) 10
Diritto commerciale I 10 Link identifier #identifier__160362-8Diritto amministrativo I (GLS) 11
Diritto ecclesiastico oppure diritto canonico 7 Link identifier #identifier__199651-9International Tax Law (GLS) 7
Link identifier #identifier__189665-10Optional Course (GLS) 7
IV Link identifier #identifier__160613-11Advanced Administrative Law (GLS) 7 Link identifier #identifier__75436-12Critical Perspectives on Private Law (GLS) 8
Link identifier #identifier__58942-13Roman Law (GLS) 8 Link identifier #identifier__158247-14Corporations (GLS) 8
Diritto penale II 8 Link identifier #identifier__151332-15Civil Procedure Law II (GLS) 8
Lingua (Idoneità) 4 Link identifier #identifier__41892-16Optional Course (GLS) 7
V Link identifier #identifier__181579-17International Law (GLS) 9 Link identifier #identifier__75332-18Optional Course (GLS) 7
Diritto processuale penale 14 Lingua giuridica (Idoneità) 4
Link identifier #identifier__101750-19Optional Course (GLS) 7 Prova finale 19

The courses designated as GLS characterize the new curriculum of Global Legal Studies. All of them are taught in English except for the three named in Italian, which are courses taught in Italian but especially addressed to GLS students.

PAOLO NICOLAI 28 Gennaio 2020