Workshop Walking, Drawing, Documenting

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Workshop Walking, Drawing, Documenting
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Walking, Drawing, Documenting is curated by Annalisa Metta
workshop by Carole Levesque, with Bruna Pollio
27-30 January 2020
Roma Tre University - Architecture Department |

Architettura del paesaggio a Roma Tre 2020 

Leftover, abandoned, or in-between states places are as constitutive of our cities as are built and maintained ones and it is through their representation that they can actively participate in discourses pertaining to the development of cities and to the imagination of a new landscape. Rather than considering these places as anomalies against standard practices and adequate urbanscape, this workshop proposes to look at abandonment through drawing and other forms of representation in order to challenge our perception of what constitutes a “good” landscape and our acceptance of its presence in our cities.
The workshop will consist of observing various details, textures, plants, animals, insects, built forms and remnants in the area of Mattatoio and Monte dei Cocci, all of which will be recorded through photography, film, drawing, and/or survey. From this itinerary and observations, a detailed inventory will take shape and lead to a narrative form of drawing, depicting constructed landscapes. Final drawings will be hand drawn, but no special drawing abilities are required.

The work of Carole Lévesque invests slow and long processes to explore various ways of representing the urban territory, its temporalities and uses. Architect, artist and co-founder of the Bureau d’étude de pratiques indisciplinées, she explores questions pertaining to margins, to détournements and hybrid methods. She holds a PhD in the history and theory of architecture and is full professor at the School of Design of UQAM in Montreal, Canada, where she teaches the theory and practice of design. (

Bruna Pollio is a biologist and adjunct professor of urban ecology in the Master Degree of Urban Design at the Architecture Department of Roma Tre University.

La partecipazione al workshop prevede l'attribuzione di 1 CFU di Altre Attività Formative