Syncity - Synergetic Cities for Europe

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Syncity - Synergetic Cities for Europe
AVVISO DEL 13.03.2020: A seguito dell'emanazione del DPCM 9 marzo 2020 recante nuove misure per il contenimento e il contrasto del diffondersi del virus Covid-19, si comunica che il Workshop Internazionale Syncity - Synergetic Cities for Europe è stato annulla.

Call per la selezione di studenti di Architettura di Roma Tre in occasione del Workshop di progettazione a Brussel, dal 29.03.2020 al 03.04.2020 _ Possono partecipare gli studenti del corso di laurea di Scienze dell’architettura iscritti al terzo anno e dei corsi di laurea magistrale, Architettura, Progetto Urbano e Restauro _ Iscrizioni fino al 13 marzo 2020, inviando una email a Federica Fava - _ Si accettano max 6 studenti

Revealing the Political of a Contended Space is an initiative of SYNCITY, a larger urban exploration organised through the cities of Brussels, Belgium and Vienna, Austria under the JPI program called “Making Cities Work.” It is a two-and-a-half-year programme initiated in 2019.
The workshop will focus on the Abattoir site, an operating slaughterhouse and a marketplace with a historic market hall which is due to be redeveloped and densified in the coming years. By sensory explorations, critical mapping, and moments of exchange in the public space, the antagonism inherent in the plain of the Abattoir will be revealed to become the material of future practices and design protocols that stand for human coexistence now and in the time to come.

Industrial heritage, productive site, marketplace, meeting place, the Abattoir is more than a slaughterhouse, it is a unique urban infrastructure embedded in a neighbourhood—Cureghem—which is one of the most dynamic, multicultural and poor of Belgium. In order to allow the students to grasp its complexity, the six-day workshop is organised in three main phases, each providing specific but complementary pedagogical activities: Sensory/social/societal Exploration, Usages/Transformations,
Exchange. And in the middle is incorporated a specific “Moment of SINCITY” called “Challenging Symplantation”.

LoUIsE, Faculty of Achitecture La Cambre-Horta, Université libre de Bruxelles
IGEAT, Université libre de Bruxelles
Forum Abattoir, Inter-Environnement Bruxelles
SA Abattoir
Commune d’ Anderlecht
Oikodrom, Oikoplus, Strateco
Dipartimento di Architettura, Università degli Studi Roma Tre
School of Architecture, Tampere University

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