Isospin breaking in tau input for (g-2)_mu from Lattice QCD

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Mercoledì 11 dicembre, alle ore 14.30, il Dipartimento di Matematica e Fisica ospiterà il seminario del prof. Mattia Bruno presso l'aula F in  via della Vasca Navale 84. 

Abstract: Hadronic spectral functions of tau decays have been used in the past to provide an alternative determination of the LO Hadronic Vacuum Polarization relevant for the muon (g-2). Following recent developments and results in Lattice QCD+QED calculations, I will present a study of the isospin breaking corrections of tau spectral functions from first principles at physical pion mass, based on gauge field configurations generated by the RBC/UKQCD collaboration. I will then discuss comparisons with previous phenomenological determinations and experimental results, together with future prospects.